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Our story

In 1992 Oscar and Ana Leiva started TC Restorations Inc. providing refinishing and repairs for metal parts and accessories for construction, aircraft, and marine equipment.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we focused on providing the best services for our customers from the Florida Keys to the Palm Beaches, establishing a responsible and trustworthy business connection.

With the highest quality standards and aiming toward long-term success, we achieved an excellent reputation among the regional business trades and established relationships with many new business owners. 

Over time, we discovered that many businesses were seeking extra storage space. This insight presented an opportunity that would greatly improve how we service our customers. In early 2010 we opened Logistic Trades & Solutions, Inc. offering the convenient service of renting and selling of shipping/storage containers.

Today LTS, Inc. has grown into an international enterprise with suppliers throughout the United States, and an established presence in all the Americas and Worldwide.

International Sales

Miami, Florida is a logistical commercial bridge to countries in Central America, South America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world. This link will take you to a complete list of foreign countries that we have successfully transacted with and fully serviced. Through these pages we would like to extend a special thanks to God for our trajectory and everyone who have patronized our efforts all these years.

Commercial Recomendations

If you are new to our company, we welcome you to visit this link to our Commercial Recommendations to review the testimonies of the real companies and individuals of our commercial connections and friendships.

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